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Uzman Öğretmenimiz Sayın Fuat Turgut İngilizce ile ilgili örnek sorularınızı online olarak çözüyor, sizlere, pratik ipuçları veriyor. Bu hizmetten yararlanmak için, sitemize üye olup örnek sorunuzu site yöneticisine iletmeniz yeterlidir. (Soru word, pdf veya resim formatında olabilir)
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The International House World Organisation

is committed to excellence in language teaching and teacher training.

Our family of schools is truly global, with 150 private and independently owned schools spanning 50 countries.

Each has its own unique flavour, but all are inspired by one common aim: the very highest standards in language education.

Free Online Placement Test

Test your English with this simple online test! We will calculate your level of English and send the result to your nearest International House school.

Contact them to find out your score.

Please note, you will be given an International House language level. You can compare this to the Common European Framework (CEF) levels here. 





Madison, Wisconsin is a safe, quiet city located in the mid-west region of the United States.

At MESLS you can:

  • Improve English conversation skills
  • Improve English for academic and professional uses
  • Go on to graduate or undergraduate study in the U.S.
  • Learn English in class, in the computer lab, in the student lounge, and with American conversation partners


Our curriculum is based on three integrated language competency areas: Speaking & Grammar, Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening, with the recognition that language acquisition is a holistic process; consequently, classroom instruction is wider than the textbook. Language learning at MESLS occurs in many places: in the lunchroom with the teachers and students in informal situations; in the computer lab; on school outings while exploring new sites and participating in important events; while meeting with conversation partners and tutors from the larger Madison community; and, in the school offices and hallways where teachers and other staff are always available to help with homework, personal problems, housing and travel concerns, and academic referral to other institutions of higher education.

MESLS is authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to issue I-20s.

MESLS is fully accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI)





    Easy transfers


  • Flexible level structure (6 levels)
  • English curriculum created by our in-house development team
  • Academic orientated school with monthly student progress reports, a firm attendance policy and a strictly enforced English only rule
  • All levels and ages accepted, 6 years of age onwards
  • Weekly intakes all year round
  • University Pathway program and University placement assistance provide an academic advantage
  • Family study options: both parents and children can study together at our Surrey - Vancouver Metro location


    Easy transfers


  • From ESL to public and private high schools in our junior programs
  • From ESL to our many career or teacher training programs for adults
  • From Canadian to American campuses
  • From ESL to EPE and University placement assistance
  • From ESL to many vocational Programs and a Business Degree at our Sister School Sprott-Shaw Community and Degree College


    Work Experience Programs


  • Paid and unpaid options
  • Programs of choice: ESL, Business Mgmt, Hotel Mgmt, Business English, Teacher Training
  • On campus Co-op coordinators and free work preparation workshops


    Vacation Programs


  • Summer and Winter: 8 years of age and older
  • Residential and Homestay
  • Unique Outdoor Adventure Leadership Program (not an English course!)




  • Homestay (for individuals, couples & families)
  • KGIC student houses offer affordable accommodation




TEFL Institute Difference

TEFL Institute takes pride in providing all of our students with the highest quality TEFL training and staff support throughout the entire process.  Our students receive the following:

Internationally Accredited 150-hour TEFL Certification 

The TEFL Institute certification is internationally accredited by Accreditat and never expires. 

The course provides the international standard of 150 hours of training, consisting of

130 hours of coursework with 20 hours of practicum (hands-on student teaching). 

The certification never expires and allows our students to work at some of the best

schools overseas.

Experienced TEFL Advisors

The TEFL Institute's TEFL Advisors have extensive experience living, working and teaching

abroad.  Collectively, our staff has experience in more than 70 countries worldwide. 

When you request more information, one of our TEFL Advisors will get in touch with you to answer all of your questions - from what it's like to teach in Korea to how much it costs to live in Argentina to how to get a job in Spain.  You will also receive detailed country charts and other resources to get started.

Request more information and to speak with a TEFL Advisor using the Contact Form

to the left

+  Meet our Staff

University-Level Instructors

To ensure the quality of our courses, TEFL Institute's instructors are all seasoned

professionals, holding either a MA or PhD in a related field and a minimum of 10 years

experience.  The experiences that our instructors bring to the classroom is consistently

sited as one of the best aspects of the course.


Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

The TEFL Institute provides lifetime job placement assistance to all of our graduates. This includes advising you on where to teach, how to get there, how to apply and interview for jobs, and relocation advice. As a TEFL Institute alumnus, you will receive notification of special employment offers through our preferred schools. You will also get access to job boards and contact information for schools around the world. This assistance never expires. Even if you have used our job placement assistance before you can still contact us for the same great support. Our graduates receive the following:

ESL job search manual: Step-by-step instructions on creating your international resume and cover letter, information about hiring cycles and interview questions.

ESL worldwide school directory: We will forward you a directory of approximately 8,000 schools worldwide that you can contact for job openings. Many positions, particularly in Latin America, are not listed anywhere online, so having the school's contact information gives you a jump on the competition.

Referrals to preferred language school: TEFL Institute has relationships with schools in Europe, Asia, and Latin America that love our alumni! You will receive their contact information as well as any information we have regarding current job openings.

Job interviews assistance for International TEFL course participants: Our international course alumni receive on-the-ground job assistance, such as interview and job search help, from the course director. Teaching positions in Africa, India and Nepal are scarce for paid positions; most students go to these areas to volunteer. 

Global Alumni Network of more than 6,000 Students

Since our inception, the TEFL Institute has certified more than 6,000 TEFl teachers, who are teaching around the world!  Our Alumni Netowrk is incredibly active and great at providing each other with resources, travel tips, job announcements and even meeting up in their new home countries. 




European Cohesion Fund




Clubclass is the only residential English language school in Malta where the school is

situated WITHIN the same building as the Accommodation, Indoor and Outdoor

Pools, Fitness Centre, Aerobics Studio, Games Room, Internet Cafe, Launderette,


Pizzeria, Pub, Restaurant & more.

Clubclass is licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Education,



fully accredited by FELTOM and a full member of WYSETC and ALTO.  

Courses are offered in General English, Business / Professional English, English for


Specific Purposes; students are also prepared for TOEFL, IELTS and University


of Cambridge EFL examinations.



 Ankara İngilizce Kursları (English Anchor)

En iyi Genel İngilizce Kurs İçerikleri, YDS (KPDS-ÜDS)'de Analitik Kavrama Tekniği, Konuşma İngilizcesi Kurslarında Refleks Kazandırma Metodu, Çocuk İngilizcesinde Kalıcı Bellek Uygulamaları, İngilizce Hazırlık Destek-Atlama Kurslarında Öğren-Uygula Tekniği gibi
Akademik Çözümlemeler
English Anchor Language School'da.  
 İngilizce Kursu Ankara,KPDS,YDS Kursları,Ankara ÜDS Kursu,Ankara Hazırlık Atlama Kursları,TOEFL Kursu,IELTS Kursları Ankara,TOEIC Kursu,En iyi İngilizce Kursu Ankara,Ankaradaki İngilizce Kursları,KPDS Teknikleri,KPDS Soruları,KPDS Kelimeleri,İngilizce Kurs Ücretleri,Fiyatları,Dil Kursları Ankara



İngilizce Hazırlık Destek


Writing için gerekli her türlü bilgiye buradan ulaşabilirsiniz!

Free English ZONE
 İngilizce Ders,İngilizce Kurs
İngilizce Serbest Ders Çalışma Bölgesi.
İngilizce Gramer,Okuma,
Yazma Çalışmaları
YDS Kurslarımız
Çocuk İngilizcesi
Küçüklerimizi de unutmadık. Çocuklarımızın yaz döneminde eğlenerek ve neşeli bir şekilde İNGİLİZCE öğrenmesini sağlayabiliriz. English Anchor'un, çocuk ingilizcesi konusunda uzman eğitmen kadrosu ile yaz dönemindeki kurslarımız açılmış bulunuyor. Ayrıntılar için lütfen bize ulaşınız
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